About Us

About Us

Hariharasudan Construction & Interior provides architectural design along with construction management, interior design, general contracting and other related services.

We, at Hariharasudan Construction & Interior, are delighted to introduce ourselves as a fast upcoming architectural consultants and interior designing company offering interior designing services, architectural works like landscaping, Vaastu Shastra based designing for homes, offices, showrooms, commercial complex, appartments, etc.,

We are determined to provide you with the highest quality work, with an acceptable price tag. There are many other businesses that can offer interior services at low price. We gurantee our work that will meet your Brand quality standards and construction schedules. With our stringest quality checks, We excel in meeting utmost standards of workmanship and customer satisfaction that you can count onus always.

Our huge experience in residential building construction business has enabled us to take up all kinds of residential projects and complete them successfully within the stipulated time frame. We offer Residential Buildings Construction Services depending upon the clients specific requirements with the commitment of timely completion of project. Our experienced team of professionals can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of rupees with the help of right advice, planning, management. We deliver Quality Perfection and Trust and above all we are happy to build your Pride!

Our profile includes successful designing and execution of number of Industrial projects such as sheds, commercial complex, Warehouse etc....


Building architectural landmarks through the perfect fusion of quality, economy and innovation. Thus setting a new benchmark redefining the trend in construction. We strive to be the definition of credibility and perfection.


It is our goal to ensure your complete satisfaction throughout the building period and long after. We offer innovative floor plans with a variety of flexible options to meet your changing lifestyle needs.